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Our dedicated staff at Carnahan Dexter Property Management has years of experience overseeing properties to ensure day to day problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently as well as finding ways to improve and preserve your property.


We administer financial reporting for rental payments and utilities, tenant screening to choose carefully screened tenants, property maintenance for timely repairs done by us or outside, qualified contractors, and finally, employee selection and supervision to choose the best people for apartment managers and property maintenance.



•  Interface and coordinate eviction processing with attorneys

•  Renovate problem properties

•  Handle city inspections

•  Manage rental code issues

•  Process insurance claims

•  Have multi-lingual staff members who speak English, Spanish, and Russian

•  Have access to landlord-tenant specialized legal counsel

Carnahan Dexter Property Management employs a dedicated team of employees who are well-versed in all the aspects of property management, having a cumulative nearly 100 years of experience.

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